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Why is spider silk so strong? Can we scale it up?

Written by Joe Ballenger Hi, I’m on a Lego League team with my school and we are wanting to know more about spiders for our research project. Some questions I hope you can help us with are, what makes a … Continue reading

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When a Spider Loses a Leg, Does Its Whole Hydraulic System Lose Pressure?

Written by Joe Ballenger @BugQuestions whenever a spider loses a leg, does its whole hydraulic system loses pressure as well? My ghost spider lost a leg and froze. — Katzider (@katzider) April 10, 2015 This question came to us from … Continue reading

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The Daily Catch: Patience and Spring Traps

Written by Nancy Miorelli The other day I received an email from a former student about the persistence and strength demonstrated by praying mantises. Yes, she did say birds. It is pretty amazing when you think about how mantises can capture … Continue reading

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Why do Mantids Only Have One Ear?

Written by Joe Ballenger In my opinion, one of the more interesting questions about mantids we received concerns how they hear. As humans, we have two independently functioning ears which are located on our head. This works very well for … Continue reading

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Gardening and Beneficial Insects

Written by Nancy Miorelli Spring’s right around the corner! Well, for those of us who aren’t heaped under mountains of snow. To kickstart spring, this month we’re going to post all about mantises! So shoot us your questions! Some of … Continue reading

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