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Update to previous post: Unlikely Sisters

Written by Joe Ballenger We try to keep track of new developments with the posts we write, so that people can keep up with what’s going on in science. So if there’s a really significant update to something we’ve written … Continue reading

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Mantids and Cannibalism: a Surprisingly Complicated Affair.

Written by Joe Ballenger Mantises, as we’ve seen, are interesting animals with a lot more going on than what it seems. They’re efficient predators which have an evolutionary history that many wouldn’t suspect, and they have their own weird biological … Continue reading

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Unlikely Sisters – Roaches and Mantises

Written by Nancy Miorelli Cockroaches (Blattodea) and Mantises (Mantodea). They’re both insects. They’ve got their six legs, three segmented body parts, and a Johnston’s organ which guarantee them a spot in the class Insecta. But as it turns out, they’re more closely … Continue reading

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Why do Mantids Only Have One Ear?

Written by Joe Ballenger In my opinion, one of the more interesting questions about mantids we received concerns how they hear. As humans, we have two independently functioning ears which are located on our head. This works very well for … Continue reading

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Do Mantids Get Parasites?

Written by Joe Ballenger @BugQuestions what kind of parasites do mantids have? Is there a link with lots of photos? — Sarah Herlong (@HerlongSarah) February 6, 2015 Everybody loves mantids. In fact, of all the questions we’ve gotten here on … Continue reading

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