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Why is spider silk so strong? Can we scale it up?

Written by Joe Ballenger Hi, I’m on a Lego League team with my school and we are wanting to know more about spiders for our research project. Some questions I hope you can help us with are, what makes a … Continue reading

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Do insects get trapped in water drops? Why aren’t they constantly drowning?

Frankwmcarr Question: Is it true that very small insects (e.g., ants) can get trapped inside water drops due to the high surface tension forces of water? We got this question in the comments of Nancy’s post, What do Bugs do … Continue reading

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If a Bug Is Dropped From a Tall Building, Will It Splat?

Written by Nancy Miorelli Math Help from Matt Zawodniak If you’d like a snarky answer, then this is going to be short and you can go on your merry way. The bug would probably just fly away. Even insects with … Continue reading

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