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So why DOES anesthesia work on plants?

Written by Joe Ballenger I was on Twitter recently, and one of my colleagues found a rather cool article by Luke Hollomon about plants and anesthesia. When we’re working with insects in the lab, we often have to knock them … Continue reading

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So let’s talk about how insects have helped make the Coronavirus vaccines.

Written by Joe Ballenger In December 2019, the world changed forever. I know that’s a bit of a heady way to begin this article, but it’s true. The current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has changed a lot of the way people live, … Continue reading

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November – Time for the Entomological Society of America National Meeting

Every year, November is an especially busy month for Nancy, Joe, and I. This is because it is time for the national Entomological Society of America (EntSoc or ESA) meeting, in addition to our other responsibilities. This meeting is a … Continue reading

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Asian Giant Hornets: What comes next?

Nancy has a new project called the SciHive on Facebook, and it’s a great resource if you want to interact with professional entomologists (like us!). In light of the Washington State Department of Agriculture exterminating a Asian Giant Hornet nest, … Continue reading

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Poll for next week’s blog post – Halloween Theme

Howdy y’all. We wanted to try something a little different. For next week’s post, I have a couple of topics in mind – but I’m only going to write about one. Which topic would you like to read about next … Continue reading

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Why are baby scorpions born white?

A student of mine is researching scorpions and he has a question about emperor scorpions that we have been unable to answer through our own research. He has learned that baby emperor scorpions are born white, but he cannot find … Continue reading

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Why are burying beetles covered in mites?

@BugQuestions Can you help identify this bug and what insects are on it? — Groumpio (@jameslaird1976) October 7, 2015 Sometimes, when writing for this blog, I learn new things about bugs as well. This is one of those … Continue reading

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What’s so special about periodical cicadas?

So. Short and easy question. Why do people love the periodical cicadas?

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Do new species always happen because of reproductive isolation?

So, I really like this question from Zach Weinersmith: He later followed up the query with a further clarification: This is a fantastic question, because there’s a lot of REALLY weird biology when it comes to how lineages diverge. Sometimes, … Continue reading

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Sophie Lutterlough: The One Woman Information Bureau

Written by Nancy Miorelli As we bring our celebration of Black Entomologists Who Shaped Entomology to a close, the Ask an Entomologist team is continuing the conversation about how we can help provide support, inclusivity, and diversity in our science … Continue reading

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