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PhD candidate in entomology.

Still on a hiatus

Hello everyone. We’re still on a hiatus as Joe and I finish up our PhDs. I’m defending mine this upcoming Friday, September 23, 2022! Needless to say, things have been quite hectic. However, we still plan on revamping this site … Continue reading

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The Mothers of Entomological History

In honor of Women’s History Month, we would like to share a blog article that Joanie wrote with Morgan Thompson and Jaclyn Martin for Entomology Today. Check it out using the link above.

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Please pardon our dust (mites)

Howdy y’all, We hope that 2022 is treating you well so far. We’re planning on revamping our site here at Ask an Entomologist. We ask and thank you for your patience! – Joanie, Nancy, and Joe

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“What are those white things inside an ant nest?”

Last Friday I was tasked with collecting some fire ant decapitating flies (Pseudacteon curvatus). Lucky for me, the season for collecting these flies hasn’t completely ended. Also, to my surprise, there are still a lot of visible fire ant mounds … Continue reading

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Our Logo: a Curious Mexican Treehopper

Here I’m sporting a new shirt that has our Ask an Entomologist logo. It is very soft and comfortable. If you’re looking for a place to print bug shirts, RushOrderTees is a great place, especially for short sleeve shirts like … Continue reading

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What is an entomology extension agent?

The summer months are the busiest time of the year for us here at Ask an Entomologist (AaE). We receive hundreds of emails asking all kinds of questions. Particularly, we get a lot of concerns about what a particular bug … Continue reading

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Is a mosquito a parasite?

“Please settle a family argument- Is a mosquito a parasite?”

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Studying Entomology as a Math and Physics Double Major

Question: “Hey there! I was wanting to ask something related to studying entomology. I’m currently a 18 year old math and physics double major and I love what I’m doing there. However, from a young age I’ve always had a … Continue reading

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Hitchhiking mites, yikes (maybe he should have brought a towel)

One of the emails we got this month led to an interesting answer. A nonprofit director asked some questions about an earwig for their kids they teach. They found an earwig one day and thought it was a mother carrying her … Continue reading

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What would it be like to eat a bug that was about as large as a loaf of bread?

“What would it be like to eat a bug that was about as large as a loaf of bread? This question was inspired by a video game called Grounded, in which shrunken kids have to survive on a lawn, which … Continue reading

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