Our Logo: a Curious Mexican Treehopper

Here I’m sporting a new shirt that has our Ask an Entomologist logo. It is very soft and comfortable. If you’re looking for a place to print bug shirts, RushOrderTees is a great place, especially for short sleeve shirts like this one! I’m wearing a women’s medium and the color is light blue.

Shirt front. Ask an Entomologist logo by Nancy Miorelli.
Shirt back.

More about the logo

Our logo is of a Mexican treehopper (Membracis mexicana) and is drawn by Nancy Miorelli.

A curious Mexican treehopper (Membracis mexicana). Illustration by Nancy Miorelli

Out of a list of several insects, we decided on this critter because all three of us (Nancy, Joe, and I) like treehoppers and M. mexicana is vibrant (just look at how those colors pop). In addition, these bugs can be found in parts of Central and South America, which are places that are special to us. Jungles and cool bugs are magical.

Mexican Treehopper (Membracis mexicana)
Photo by Katja Schulz. Mérida, Yucatán, México.

The Mexican Treehopper is just one species of treehopper (Hemiptera: Membracidae). Treehoppers are a group of insects that are related to leafhoppers and cicadas. There are many different species of them and so many are morphologically (the appearance of their body) interesting. Some even are mimics of ants!

So, if you’re looking to draw or design some interesting bugs, treehoppers are a great place to start.

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