Poll for next week’s blog post – Halloween Theme

Howdy y’all. We wanted to try something a little different. For next week’s post, I have a couple of topics in mind – but I’m only going to write about one. Which topic would you like to read about next Tuesday (10/27/20)?

  1. Deathwatch beetle biology
  2. Forensic entomology
  3. Zombie behavior in various arthropods

Answer in the comments by Friday, 6:00pm CT!


About JoanieTheEntomologist

PhD candidate in entomology.
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2 Responses to Poll for next week’s blog post – Halloween Theme

  1. I’d love to read more about Forensic entomology, but all the suggested subjects sound interesting.


    • I forgot to add the Twitter poll link to this post! Therefore, we’ll write about deathwatch beetles AND forensic entomology. I’m writing about deathwatch beetles for the post tomorrow and then Nancy will write about forensic entomology for her next post :).

      And thanks for commenting. We appreciate it.

      P. S.

      Whoops 😅


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