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A note on death in insects – pretending, surviving, and living

My undergraduate student that I’m mentoring this semester asked me a question about when an insect is dead. He pondered this because we read a paper were researchers infected carpenter ants with a fungus were considered dead after no movement … Continue reading

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Why Do Zipper / Writing Spiders Make “Zippers? / Writings” in Their Web?

Spiders that have the Stabilimenta are active during the day and tend to have their webs just hanging out in the open. Furthermore – they don’t build their web anew every day like other spiders. Continue reading

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Why are burying beetles covered in mites?

@BugQuestions Can you help identify this bug and what insects are on it? — Groumpio (@jameslaird1976) October 7, 2015 Sometimes, when writing for this blog, I learn new things about bugs as well. This is one of those … Continue reading

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