Help us out by taking a survey!

We’ve written about scientific conferences before, and we’re happy to announce that all of our writers will be together at ESA 2017 in Denver, Colorado!

As always, we’ll write a post summarizing our experience…but our talk is a bit different this year. We’d like some information on our audience for the talk.

Here’s a link to the survey, and we’ll post a short bit of information for further context below the fold.

We’re interested in how well we’re reaching outside the scientific community. Historically, this is something that SciComm projects have struggled with. We get a wide variety of questions from a wide variety of people, so we’re interested in what our audience looks like.
Paige Jarreau has a great paper on this topic, and for our first go-round, we’re interested in the education level of our audience. The intent is to see how much we’re reaching outside the sphere of the scientific community.
We’re using her paper as a template for some quick comparisons. It doesn’t give us all the information we’d like to have, and leaves out some things we’d like to see…but we’re looking for a preliminary exploration of our reach.

This survey is completely voluntary, and will incorporate all of our social media platforms.

Jarreau, P. B., & Porter, L. (2017). Science in the Social Media Age: Profiles of Science Blog Readers. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 1077699016685558.

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