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Are there invasive insects from North America? The political consequences of our invasive species.

  Written by Joe Ballenger This question about invasive species caught my eye, mostly because I’m not sure I can give a complete response. Reading abt Asian citrus psyllid. Are there many N. Amer. insects considered pests/invasive on other continents? … Continue reading

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What’s the Difference Between a Butterfly and a Moth

Written by Nancy Miorelli We’ve been having a lot of fun and games on our Facebook Page! Literally. Games. Like our new bug quiz series! Which of the lettered insects is a butterfly? So have a quick look a the … Continue reading

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Storytelling in Science: How do Stories Work?

Written by Joe Ballenger Throughout my SciComm career, I’ve told a lot of stories about science. I’ve been active in online science outreach for 10 years, and I’ve written hundreds of blog posts across about a dozen different websites. However, … Continue reading

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White eyes, black body. Why do insect eyes turn white after they die?

Written by Joe Ballenger Some of the more interesting questions we get aren’t even about living insects. People have lots of questions about dead bugs, too. Hey there, I just had a quick question, I was in my backyard when … Continue reading

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