Why are Insects Important?

Written by Nancy Miorelli

You know, it seems strange that it’s taken us more than 3 years to address this question! I’ve been doing a few interviews recently and I keep getting asked “Why are Insect Important?” In fact, it was the FIRST questions that I had to fill out for my Real Scientists welcome introduction!

So – I tweeted about it!

Nancy Miorelli, @SciBugs, is living in the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest in the Maquipucuna Reserve.
To help fund her stay she sells eco-friendly bug jewelry featuring jewel beetle shells and an Ecuadorian nut called Tagua!
Check out her shop SciBugsCollections on Etsy!


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About SciBugs

Entomologist, Science Communicator, and Crafter Twitter: @SciBugs
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