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Is oxygen the reason insects were so big way back when?

Written by Joe Ballenger I read a few things on the size of insects and the decrease of size from there ancestors to now are related to the oxygen levels from then to now. I was wondering if anyone has … Continue reading

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Tough Shell – Is the Beetle Shell Related to Beetles’ Evolutionary Success?

Written by: Nancy Miorelli Last week, ┬áMarch 5 – 11, 2017 I had the most wonderful opportunity to tweet from the┬áReal Scientists Twitter Account. Every week they pick a different scientist, science communicator, or artist to curate the account. And … Continue reading

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Can I toss that bug outside during winter?

Do most bugs that you would find inside a home able to survive? For example, should I help rescue fruit flies and put them outside or are they better to remain inside? I know most spiders will die if you … Continue reading

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Why are the wasps in my neighborhood changing?

Written by Joe Ballenger Nancy received this question on @RealScientists this week, and given that I’ve seen the first few wasps of the season already, I thought it would be a really relevant one to answer. @realscientists seeing a change … Continue reading

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