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  1. We are prohibited from giving any pest control advice. We are not professionally trained doctors or certified pest control experts therefore we cannot legally give advice about pests. Not only does pest biology vary between states, but the laws do as well. Our community is international, and these all complicate things to a point where we cannot be qualified to answer any questions about pest control.
  2. To create more content you love, we have decided to not accept identification requests. Questions about identification or help with pest control is something that can be handled better by people with the infrastructure to respond to hundreds of emails a week with qualified specialists. Therefore, we will be only answering questions unique to insect biology, physiology, or ecology.
  3. Please check out our Resources Page if you have a query about either Pest Control or Identification Requests.
  4. We do not handle academic assignments. Please  see our rules.
  5. If you are coming here for a Media Request, please use this form.

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13 Responses to ASK US

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  2. sorry – my picture didn’t work. but email me at and I can send it that way ! it should be posted on my gravatar website. let me know. thanks !


  3. Carllee says:

    What do you feed a cicada that hasn’t shedded it’s skin yet?I fond one and want it as a pet and ya gotta feed a pet


  4. Jason grogan says:

    Not got picture


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  6. Karen Chanchavac says:

    Hi I need your help I can’t seem to get a picture to you to be identified.


  7. xmegatron says:

    I want to know in a territorial fight a male (NOBLE FALSE BLACK WIDOW SPIDER) VS {male joro spider} WHO WINS.


  8. Peter Pod says:

    I have a pool and every now and again I get these little black floating bugs that cover parts of the pool. They are so small that I can’t scoop them up the net until about 1 – 2 later when they have grown larger in size. They seem to be laid by small flying insect. I would like to know the name of these insects, their life cycle and if there are any natural plants/herbs that will keep them away from my pool?


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  10. Just a question, do maggots latch on your foot if you step on one without even noticing?


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