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Shake It Off – Earthquake Relief in Ecuador

Hai! You might remember me as one of the authors on this site, although in all honesty, internet-less jungle life has hampered my abilities to research and write articles. But I do surface from time to time to talk about … Continue reading

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How long have cicadas been around?

Your Name: Thomas Your Bug Question: How long have cicadas been around (on earth).  Do we (you) know? Cicadas have been around somewhere between 40 million and 200 million years. The earliest Cicadas are found in fossil beds from the … Continue reading

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Why do some insects pee sugar?

So let’s unpack this one, because insect pee (watery poop, actually) is really interesting in every way. Here’s a video of what Anastasia was talking about: If you want to see more insects doing this, look for Insect Honeydew on … Continue reading

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