Site Updates!

Edit: June 9  2:15 AM

We’ve got it all up and running. There’s been a slight hiccup with code compatibility but I made a work around.

Check out our new Rules Page, About Us Page, and our new Contact Us Page.


We’ve gotten quite a bunch of new followers this past week and we can’t thank you enough for your support for our little project =D

That being said, some parts of our blog need some major overhaul with some shiny new art!

As part of our objective with this blog is to make information fun and engaging! Therefore, I thought it was necessary to update our “About” and “About the Authors” page. We’ll also be adding a basic “Contact Us” page. That way if you have comments, or questions that aren’t specifically bug related, you can use that form instead!


Since the changes can only be made live, I’ll be doing that in the middle of the night to allow me to fix “bugs” and formatting issues.

So in lieu of a formal post this week, I hope you’ll check out our shiny new pages tomorrow! Thanks for all your patience!

In the meantime, don’t forget we have a Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, and a Tumblr! So you should never have a shortage of bug stuff!

Our Instagram page! Follow us - @BugQuestions

Our Instagram page! Follow us – @BugQuestions

Cheers! And keep asking us your questions!


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Entomologist, Science Communicator, and Crafter Twitter: @SciBugs
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1 Response to Site Updates!

  1. Julie Brinkman says:

    Hi there, I have been keeping a female prayig mantis from dying in the winter, she was doing great until she fell and i think one of my dogs hurt her. One of her back leg where the foot was is gone, and hurt from eating leg looks wrong, she wont close it as she would when she grabs her food. when i picker her up she let out a black fluid out of her mouth. SHe doesnt act like she should and i dont know what to do…..I dont want to put her outside as the temps now are in the low 20’s here in Ohio. I tried holding the live cricket for her to eat but she would not eat it. She did drink water from my finger last night. Please help. I dont know what to do and dont want her to die a slow death. today is Dec 9th, 2016


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