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What makes a good model organism? How are models different from one another?

Post written by Joe Ballenger This question started out as a conversation with Enlightened Bugs on Twitter. They sent us a picture of a deformed wasp, and asked what could have caused her wings to appear like this: There’s a … Continue reading

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What Is an Entomologist?

Written by Nancy Miorelli I will give you that “Entomologist” isn’t a particularly popular term. In fact, when I tell people that I’m an entomologist, they usually ask, “… so like, words?” I then have to explain to them that … Continue reading

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How do I deal with an infestation?

Post written by Joe Ballenger and Nancy Miorelli By far the most common question we receive is about infestations and having just found a cockroach in my house myself, I thought it would be a good time to say something … Continue reading

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June beetles: what are they, and how do I deal with them?

Written by Joe Ballenger @BugQuestions Nothing in particular, it is just you provide helpful advise prior to them attacking me (trying to get to my floodlight).. 😛 — intrepid wanders (@intrepidwanders) May 28, 2015 Since it’s June, I’ve been getting … Continue reading

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Site Updates!

Edit: June 9  2:15 AM We’ve got it all up and running. There’s been a slight hiccup with code compatibility but I made a work around. Check out our new Rules Page, About Us Page, and our new Contact Us … Continue reading

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Are Anthills Waterproof?

Written by Nancy Miorelli A few weeks ago I answered a question about what insects do when it rains. Which then prompted this question – what about ants? What about their nests? They are on the ground after all. Well, it’s … Continue reading

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How do wasps find other bugs to parasitize?

For our final #KidQuestions post, I thought it would be fun to tackle a question submitted to us by Bridget Mendel’s first grade class: How do wasps find their hosts? I got my start in entomology by going through a … Continue reading

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