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Welcome to our website, Ask an Entomologist!

This blog is an experiment in science communication. Most science bloggers write about events in the news, or about scientific discoveries which interest them. The authors of this blog, however, want to take another approach entirely.

Instead of writing about the stuff which interests us, we want to write about the stuff which interests YOU. The content of this blog is (almost*) entirely user-generated, and we want to answer the questions about insects you have.

You can meet our authors here, and submit questions here. You can also follow us on Facebook, or Twitter at @BugQuestions if you’d like to submit questions through there.

*In order to build a blog with entirely audience-generated content, we kind of need an audience first. While we’re waiting to build an audience, we’ll post articles generated by the authors. Eventually, we’d like to switch over to a user-generated content model.

About Polistes fuscatus

Hello, I'm the friendly admin for the Ask an Entomologist blog
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